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One of my favorite moments...

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

There's this moment between two characters in Remnant that I love. It rang true for me and my own journey as a flawed human on this earth.

Isn't it great to know we aren't bound by our pasts? We aren't required to carry around all the mess that came before? You know that, right? Gosh, I hope you do. Because when we finally shed all the stuff that eats at our courage...look out, world.

Backstory matters. It's what makes great stories. When we know the history, we have more appreciation for the present. We understand more clearly.

But we were never meant to stay in it.


UPDATE ON REMNANT: Prepping it to go to beta readers! This has been THE MOST INSANE TIME to be entering into the final stages of publishing. One example: my son currently has the flu. The actual influenza virus that we've managed to avoid all these years on this densely populated island country. Lovely timing, but bless his heart...he's a mess.


Can't wait to share the end of the story with you!

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Laura Fran

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