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Blank Pages and Blinking Lines: When It's Hard to Write...

There's nothing quite like a blank page and that blinking line to make a writer brain collapse in on itself. That's where I've been for a good stretch now, if I'm allowed to be honest. I can say it now without dissolving into a puddle because I'm finally emerging on the other side. But if you're there now...I see you!

I don't always handle the stresses of life well. And when they all come at once, all my creativity goes flying out the window. I know nothing. Can do nothing. What are words, anyhow?

But I suppose this struggle is much like anxiety in middle school and high school. Everyone's feeling it, walking around all half-grown and greasy, but each one feeling like they're the only kid awkwardly stumbling from class to class. Social moment to social moment. (All right, there are always a FEW who make it look easy, but the majority of us were hyper aware of our pimples whilst also hyper aware of how weird our voices sounded in conversation...)

The point is this: most writers are struggling in some way. Or have been. Or will be.

The writer life is not the romanticized experience we see in movies. The hair-pulling moments don't look quite so pretty, and the crushing fear that we've already peaked is a very real thing...and we don't get moody background music and a montage to drive us through it.

Yet on we type, or try to, because writing is like breathing to those of us born to do it. In fact, I feel bottled up if I don't at least attempt it once each day.

If you're a writer, let this serve as a virtual hug. :) We're in this together!

My advice if you're struggling with motivation or word-block would be this: read something. Find a book to get completely swept away in! I've allowed myself to spend more time reading than writing over the last week, and SLOWLY I'm beginning to see progress. Very little inspires creativity like consuming the excellent creativity of others.

I'm rooting for you!

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