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A New Start in 2020

I always forget to post New Years things. I’m not the most organized person.

But I have been thinking about it a bit.

I love fresh starts. And that’s what New Years feels like for most of us. A pivotal moment that comes around every year and offers an opportunity to try again. Roll it back. Let’s do another take.

2020 is a huge transition year for our family. We’re moving across the ocean, back to our mother land, as they call it. Back to Walmarts and Kohls shoe sales and Marshalls. Back to Goodwills and the wide open Oklahoma countryside and late nights watching the weather for tornado warnings.

We’ve loved Japan, and more than that, the people we’ve come to know. I can’t wait to return for visits in years to come.

But in six weeks, I’ll be passing through customs on American soil, greasy haired and exhausted from a thirteen hour flight, and I promise you I’ll be crying.

2020 isn’t a ‘let’s do another take’ year for us. It’s a whole new beginning. We’ll be trying for a life of independence. Working from home as writers/creators, homeschooling our middle schoolers, and breathing fresh country air.

My entire career as an author has been abroad thus far. I can’t wait to mingle and interact, joining in on conferences and such things. Doing book signings with future work and maybe MAYBE start querying for an agent. (Though I do so love the indie life...)

I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get started. And I pray for each of you, that you’ll have courage and peace this year. That your hearts will know deep, everlasting Love. And joy will chase you wherever you go.

See you soon, America.


Laura Fran

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